Troubleshooting and Replacing Winter Damaged Irrigation

Installation of a sprinkler irrigation system.Winter can be hard on your sprinklers and other below-ground irrigation. If your irrigation systems didn’t receive winterization in the form of a manual drain, automatic drain, or a blowout, it could cause permanent damage. As we mentioned in a previous blog, “How To: Preparing Sprinklers for Winter,” the water left in the system can expand while it freezes, cause pipes to leak or completely break after the thaw. Between this and other winter hazards, you can find yourself come the thaw with a system that can no longer do its job. Today we’re looking at options for troubleshooting and replacing winter damaged irrigation, and when to call the experts in. [Read more…]

How To: Preparing Sprinklers for Winter

Automatic sprinkler systemDid you know that water left in your irrigation system expands when it freezes? The frozen water can end up rupturing the pipes and damage the internal components of your sprinkler system. In some areas winterization of sprinklers is mandatory, in these areas they use three main types of irrigation systems are manual drain, auto drain, and blowout. Today we’ll go over the three systems, what can be done by the homeowner, and what should be left to the professionals when it comes to preparing sprinklers for winter. [Read more…]