Landscaping During Home Construction

Backhoe machine uses shovel scooper to excavate and move dirt.Congratulations on your journey to becoming homeowners of your dream home! While you’re busy looking at home designs and talking to architects and home construction contractors, think about reaching out to landscape architects and contractors at the same time. By coordinating the two, not only will you get a more beautiful final product, but you can also avoid the problems (and added costs) of doing both separately. In this article, we’ll go over the common issues of leaving landscaping until after construction, and some of the perks of starting early. [Read more…]

Landscaping in Small Spaces: Large Footprint Homes and Businesses

Small garden with patio furniture amidst blooming lavender. Modern architecture is trending towards homes and businesses that take up more and more lot space, leaving very little left for landscaping. Because of this, owners of these properties have to put more attention into landscaping the small remaining spaces: not only to increase the curb appeal of a home or business, but also make sure to have a space for homeowners and employees to enjoy their time outdoors. Learn how you can make big things come in small packages, creating a huge impression with tiny lawns, yards, and narrow paths. [Read more…]

Tree and Plant First Aid After a Bomb Cyclone

A tree damaged due to a snowstorm.High winds, plummeting temperatures, snow, and ice: all of them together can cause massive damage to the plants surrounding homes, apartment, and businesses. And while this latest snowstorm might have been dubbed a “bomb cyclone,” much of this damage can occur after any Nor’easter or blizzard that New England gets in the winter months. After the storm has cleared and you can head outside, here are the first steps you or your groundskeepers can do to save your plants and trees while keeping your property safe. [Read more…]

What to Expect in the Landscape Design-Build Process

Landscape design plan including 3D rendering.Some people are intimidated by the start-to-finish process of landscaping, while others are surprised on the numerous steps a landscape design-build process can have when working with a professional team. Here at Greener Horizon, we’re looking to help de-mystify the process for everyone, as well as provide a roadmap for customers on what they should expect. The order and steps of this process may change from landscaping firm to landscaping firm, but should cover all the same bases and be roughly in the same order. [Read more…]

Fire Pit Design and Construction in Massachusetts

Fire pit outside of building.A fire pit can be a great focal point in any landscape, from a private backyard to a dining area for a restaurant. The design and execution of these firepits will do a lot to influence not only their uses and appearance, but also the requirements and restrictions from Massachusetts’ and its various counties’ law when it comes to the construction and operation of these firepits. Let’s look at the materials that go into a fire pit, and how the change affects the construction requirements and timeline. [Read more…]

Landscape Construction: Design in Winter, Build in Spring

Landscape designing being done on a computer at Greener Horizon.Thinking about getting some landscape work done? If you’re reading this in late autumn, you’ve probably picked the worst time to get the actual landscape construction done. But, you’ve also picked a wonderful time to get a good idea of what you want and contract with a landscaper. When the ground freezes, all work is pretty much over until the spring thaw. Winter is a slow time for most landscape companies, meaning not only do they have more time to dedicate to landscape design project, but also means you’ve got more flexibility when it comes to signing a contract. [Read more…]

Tips for the Best Professional Holiday Lighting Installation

Holiday lighting.Tis’ the season for holiday lighting, which means it’s time for you to decide how you want your property lit. For homes, this holiday lighting helps show your holiday spirit to the neighborhood and is a given for any type of holiday party. For businesses, holiday lighting can help bring additional customers to your business, support the community, and act as a backdrop to any celebrations or events you’re planning on having. A professional lighting installer is a must for larger estates and businesses: below are some tips to help you get the most out of your holiday lighting installation when working with a pro. [Read more…]

What To Do After a Frost Hits Your Garden

Marigold coated in frost.Winter isn’t truly here until the first frost hits. And if your garden isn’t ready for it, it can make a brutal impact. Your plants can be damaged or killed as the frost sets in, but don’t abandon all hope. In this article, we’ll go over what to do with plants that have already been damaged or killed by frost, as well as options to prevent frost as well as tips to avoid it for the future. All of which will help your garden better handle the seasons and be ready for spring. [Read more…]

What Goes into Plowing a Parking Lot?

Empty parking lot with snow removed.From grocery stores to retail outlets, businesses rely on people being able to get to their store to make ends meet: they require parking lots. One of the biggest natural adversaries to this is the snow and ice that New England Nor’easters bring. With no parking lot and no safe walkways into these stores, these businesses suffer. Therefore, it’s vital that before or during a storm these businesses contact a snow and ice management company and get a quote for parking lot plowing. But what factors into that estimate? Let’s look at all the elements to consider. [Read more…]

Why Core Aeration is the Best Lawn Aeration Option

Lawn with aeration holes from core aeration.If your lawn is flooding, suffocated on thatch, newly constructed, or your grass gets a lot of foot traffic, lawn aeration can help keep your lawn looking beautiful and improve the water flow in your topsoil. Grass is a living thing, and as such it sheds waste and grows just like any other plant. As root systems get denser and shed grass builds up, known as thatch, it may combine with soil compaction— this becomes harder and harder for water, nutrients, and even air to feed your grass. There’s a lawn care solution for this: aeration. This blog compares it to other options and explains why core aeration is the best lawn aeration option. [Read more…]