Getting Your Patio Ready for Winter

Beautiful Backyard Fire Pit and Seat WallFall and winter start the decline of a patio or deck from a cool place to hang with friends and family to a cold, desolate place coated in leaves and snow. However, there are several things you can do to make sure the patio is ready by spring, instead of being in a dismal state when the thaws finally come. Here are some tips to properly pack up and get your patio ready for winter, or even to make sure that the party never stops. [Read more…]

Lawn Care in Winter: Dormant Seeding

Hand planting grass seedsWinter, especially winter in New England, can be hard on your lawn. Frost, freezing rain, ice, and plenty of snow can cause damage to your lawn by freezing, flooding, and smothering. However, grass is a resilient thing. With a little bit of work, you can prepare your lawn to ride out winter and be even lusher in spring. Throughout the fall and even into early winter, there are several options available for lawn care in winter. Today we’re going to talk about dormant seeding. [Read more…]

How To: Preparing Sprinklers for Winter

Automatic sprinkler systemDid you know that water left in your irrigation system expands when it freezes? The frozen water can end up rupturing the pipes and damage the internal components of your sprinkler system. In some areas winterization of sprinklers is mandatory, in these areas they use three main types of irrigation systems are manual drain, auto drain, and blowout. Today we’ll go over the three systems, what can be done by the homeowner, and what should be left to the professionals when it comes to preparing sprinklers for winter. [Read more…]

7 Steps to Ready the Lawn and Garden for Winter

Rake and leavesA little work now results in having a healthier lawn and garden come spring. Most people only believe that raking leaves and minimal yard care is acceptable in fall. However, in order to ensure the plants will be strong enough to survive, here are the steps you need to take to ready the lawn and garden for winter. [Read more…]