Seasonal Display Ideas for The Fall and Winter Holidays

Front porch decorated for the HolidaysHomes and neighborhoods around October, November, and December can look they were cut out straight from a magazine. It is time for you too to join in on the fun of decorating your front, side, backyard, roof, garage, or wherever else you can decorate and get yourself in the holiday mood. There is nothing better than driving through a New England neighborhood in the autumn and winter months to see everyone’s different displays for the holidays. With the help of Greener Horizon, we can help get your larger estate ready for the holidays and create a display that stands out from the rest [Read more…]

Front of House Landscaping Ideas

Front of House Landscaping IdeasThe front of your house creates the first impression before you walk in, which is important whether you’re prepping to sell or settling down for years to come. Without changing the structure of your house itself, these front of house landscaping ideas can help you transform your home’s curb appeal.  [Read more…]

4 Ways to Enjoy Outdoor Living Spaces in Colder Weather

Celebrate your outdoor living spaces even as the temperature dips. It’s absolutely possible to transform the areas you enjoyed all summer long into havens during the colder months of fall and winter. [Read more…]

How to Create an Eye-Catching Outdoor Fall Decor without Stress

The inside of your home shouldn’t have all the fun. Bring your fall decorating outside this year, using cues from nature mixed with your own personal style. [Read more…]