4 Ways to Enjoy Outdoor Living Spaces in Colder Weather

Celebrate your outdoor living spaces even as the temperature dips. It’s absolutely possible to transform the areas you enjoyed all summer long into havens during the colder months of fall and winter.

4 Ways to Enjoy Outdoor Living Spaces in Colder WeatherMost of us cherish nature but do not want to give up the comforts of home. It’s easy to find a middle ground when summer draws near, but the fall and winter months present challenges for using your patio, porch or other designated outdoor space.

You may have traded your tan toes for fuzzy socks already, but don’t hide inside until springtime rolls around. Learn how you can enjoy your outdoor space for an extended period of time with a few simple tricks.

Warm it up

Heat is one of the most crucial elements to enhance any outdoor experience. Heating options can range from small and portable to large and permanent. Wood-burning fire pits and gas fireplaces not only warm up the space, but provide for a focal point of entertainment. Electric patio heaters don’t take up much space and can help make your transition from inside to outdoors comfortable.

Consider an outdoor grill or hot tub for an added element of entertainment.

Shelter from the elements

‘Tis the season for whistling winds and cold precipitation. Block the elements with small walls, decorative screens, slip-resistant rugs and durable outdoor furniture. Vinyl and canvas tarps will keep tables and chairs dry. Choose a water-resistant material to protect outdoor furniture. Throw on a windbreaker for good measure.

When it comes to outdoor furniture itself, durable pieces designed for the outdoors can be costly (but worth it), or you can score some great finds at yard sales and flea-markets.

If it’s within your budget, enclose your patio with glass to enjoy the natural splendor of the outdoors without freezing in it. Consider a retractable roof for added privacy and protection during cold weather.

Make it comfortable

Add a celebratory feel to your space by furnishing it with colorful, cheerful fabrics that accent the natural hues of the season and can stand up to the elements. Blankets, pillows sand throws are small ways to extend your living area and provide a comfortable place to reside.

If you have glass walls or windows, hang up thick, cozy curtains for a warming effect and inviting look.

Create a hot apple cider or hot chocolate station on a sheltered table, inviting snow-goers back for a delightful treat.

Make it bright

Brighten up the space so it can be fully enjoyed in all its glory, day and night. Install light fixtures or string lights across railings and around posts. Proper lighting will also provide a natural element of security and safety. Even small lighting such as candles, oil lamps and torches can make a big impact.

Potted blooms are a great way to add bright color and texture to your outdoor area. Just be sure that any vulnerable plants are transported inside before the first snowfall. Durable plants that are too large or heavy to move inside can be covered or wrapped in a protective material.

If you crave adventure even in the frigid months, test your creativity and find fun ways to enjoy your outdoor living area all year long! Appropriate design with some of the tricks listed above will help you not just tackle the cold, wind and snow, but embrace Mother Nature in all her forms.

If you need more help transforming your outdoor living space into a cozy fall or winter living room, contact the professionals at Greener Horizon. We can help you design and install a custom patio, outdoor kitchen, fireplace or stone wall to match your lifestyle and enhance your outdoor experience.