Getting Larger Estate Landscapes Ready for Fall and Winter

Estate in Fall and WinterFall is just around the corner, and with it comes the two hardest seasons the manage landscaping on larger estates. Fall is the last chance to break ground on any projects, cleaning up leaves, and performing triage on the various plants to help them survive the cold. Winter is a balancing act of winterization, snow and ice management, and planning out new projects for when the ground thaws. This blog is going to look at how a landscape estate management team can work with you to get larger estate landscapes ready for these two seasons and maintain them throughout the year. [Read more…]

Estate Management: The Importance of Seasonal Care

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. Four Seasons.Large homes and estates provide a great number of options and opportunities to those who own them, but also a lot of responsibility. Large estates are often marked out by the sheer amount of property the estate covers, meaning acres of lawns, gardens, hardscape, and plants to maintain and care for. Landscape professional services are commonly known as Estate Management that offers comprehensive landscaping care, consultation, and installation year-round. One of these aspects is the idea of seasonal care – the importance of changing landscaping needs to match the seasons and make sure your estate looks its best year-round. [Read more…]

Christmas Light Ideas

Christmas Lights Ideas - Greener Horizon - Middleborough, MAAre you ready? No, like are you really ready? Christmas is just around the corner, meaning it’s that time to make your house festive. If you’re adventurous and don’t mind a huge energy bill, you can be one of the houses that go all out this year. Maybe recreate Malcolm Butler’s Super Bowl winning interception, or Santa landing on your roof with a full array of reindeer. Or, if you are not prepared to spend the time and effort, there are many easier and cost effective displays. Here are a few of our favorites.

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What Are Seasonal Displays?

Seasonal Displays - Greener Horizon - Middleboro, MA In New England we love fall. We love pumpkin flavored coffee, football, bonfires, and hoodies. But the one drawback about autumn is that with the change in the weather, the grass begins to die, the leaves begin to drop, the flowers stop blooming, and our landscapes become less and less attractive. This is where seasonal displays come in.

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How to Create an Eye-Catching Outdoor Fall Decor without Stress

The inside of your home shouldn’t have all the fun. Bring your fall decorating outside this year, using cues from nature mixed with your own personal style. [Read more…]