Front of House Landscaping Ideas

Front of House Landscaping IdeasThe front of your house creates the first impression before you walk in, which is important whether you’re prepping to sell or settling down for years to come. Without changing the structure of your house itself, these front of house landscaping ideas can help you transform your home’s curb appeal.  [Read more…]

Natural Winter Landscape Ideas for New England

When an infamous New England winter comes rolling (or crashing) in, it’s time to search for beauty in unexpected places, like your backyard. [Read more…]

Plants that Repel Insects

Certain aspects of your garden can take care of themselves, which can make your gardening workload a little lighter. One way to make gardening easier is by having plants that repel insects. Some plants contain properties that repel harmful insects. These plants provide both beauty and functionality to your garden. Also, they are a natural way to fight off some of the invading pests, without having to spray them with insecticides.  [Read more…]