Hardscaping Your Apartment or Condo Association

People are looking for homeowners associations and apartments to live in with their families or to live in on their own. When these renters or owners are looking for a place to live, they are always attracted to somewhere that offers many amenities. There are so many different ones you can choose from, especially when you think about your landscape.

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Now Renting: Apartment Landscaping for Curb Appeal

New modern apartments with landscapingAccording to a study by New York University’s Furman Center, the “number of renters in Boston has risen rapidly in recent years, while the number of available rental units has dropped”. It is now more important than ever, with the increased number of people looking to rent, to make your property stick out in the eyes of renters. How are you supposed to do that? Simply stated, with a little bit of curb appeal. What is curb appeal? Curb appeal is the process of beautifying ones property in the front of the house to attract renters to rent. [Read more…]

Steps to Managing Apartment Landscaping

Greener Horizon, Middleborough, MASo you own an apartment complex. You have many tenants, lots of different leases, and even more responsibilities. You have to ensure the complex fits the needs of those around you on a daily basis. Everything has to look fantastic every minute of the day, one slip up and the next thing you know a tenant is moving out. Your apartment complex’s landscaping must be in great condition, as a nice outdoor communal space will draw tenants in and keep them happy while they are with you. So how can you maintain your apartment complex’s greenspace? Just follow these steps, and you will be an expert in no time! [Read more…]