Buying Landscaping Materials from a Landscaping Contractor

Pile of black dyed mulch with sign.We’ve been selling landscaping supplies for almost two years and have had great success with fellow contractors and homeowners alike. In this blog, we want to talk about what has made that successful. On the surface, it might seem an odd choice to go toe-to-toe with big home improvement stores – not to mention selling to other landscape contractors. Let’s look at three major reasons you should think about buying from us. [Read more…]

Tips for Storing Mulch, Topsoil, and Compost

Stockpiles of various kinds of mulch.When it comes to landscaping materials, it’s hard to have too much of a good thing. Whether you’re a contractor stockpiling supplies for multiple projects and storing it at a worksite until it’s needed, or a homeowner who ended up having significantly more than you bargained for: properly storing mulch, topsoil, and compost will allow you to reuse the material at a later time. This is important because leaving these material exposed to the elements can lead to damage or decay of the material, costing you money and requiring disposal of the useless supplies. [Read more…]

Buying Landscape Supplies from Another Contractor

Landscaping supplies from Greener HorizonIt will be no surprise to people who visit our website that we’ve started to sell landscaping materials, and since we have there’s been a steady flow of requests from customers for everything from mulch to landscaping fabric. However, some of our requests come from other contracts who are curious why they should buy from another contractor (and potential competition). Much of the time it’s a non-issue because the size, scope, or location of the project is outside our target market. Today we want to share the perks of working with another contractor when you’re buying landscape supplies. [Read more…]

Landscaping Fabric: What You Should Know

Black landscaping FabricStruggling to get your garden looking how you envisioned it? Landscaping fabric can be an alternative option towards helping your garden flourish and grow wonderfully. The technology in landscaping fabric will provide your plants with the base for an environment which will require little to no weeding, meaning less maintenance for those part-time gardeners. While landscaping fabric presents a solution to a chore we all hate, the fabric should only be used in certain situations to get the best results. [Read more…]