What to Do in Summer to Have Your Lawn and Garden Ready for Fall

Blooming flowers garden and lawn in late summerSummer is a great growing time for your lawn and garden where they come into their prime. However, as summer reaches its zenith, it’s time to start thinking about how to prepare your lawn and garden for the winter time. By getting started earlier, you and your plants will be in less of a rush come fall, and not have to worry so much about those early freezes that sometimes plague New England. Let’s look at what you can do in summer to have your lawn and garden ready for fall. [Read more…]

Summer Watering Tips Including Drip Irrigation

Drip Irrigation System, Water ConservationWith summer in full swing it is important to keep an eye on one’s plants. While maintaining a green lawn and vibrant garden is most homeowner’s primary yard concern, homeowners should strike the balance between giving their plants enough water, and avoiding wasting too much water. A good irrigation system and proper watering techniques can be key to maintaining a beautiful yard, while conserving water and maintaining lower costs. [Read more…]