5 Tips for Home Gardening Beginners

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There’s never a bad time to start your home gardening project. Although, you may have major concerns regarding when to plant, how to protect your crops, or even how to give your garden the proper care it needs. Fortunately, we’re sharing five tips that will help answer any questions you have when it comes to creating a thriving home garden.

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Natural Winter Landscape Ideas for New England

When an infamous New England winter comes rolling (or crashing) in, it’s time to search for beauty in unexpected places, like your backyard. [Read more…]

Easier than You Think: Training Grape Vines

Grape vines can be a great addition to your outdoor space, whether they are growing along a fence, garden wall, arbor, trellis, etc. Depending on where they’re grown, grape vines can add visual interest, shade and privacy. If you’re interested in pursuing a culinary hobby, you can learn how to make your own jams, pies, and even wine with the grapes they produce. [Read more…]