Best Ways to Effectively Control Weeds

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It may not be long before your beautiful lawn has become infested with weeds like white clovers, crabgrass, and so many others. These weeds appear quickly and compete against your lawn for nutrients and water that can lead to bald patches and dead zones on your property. The best way to control weeds is with prevention and rigorous weeding.

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Easy Summer Watering: By Hand, Sprinklers, and Drip Feeds

Garden Watering ChildHere in New England, while winters are cold and wet, summers are often hot and dry. Your lawn and gardens go from fun activities to daily slogs to make sure your plants don’t dry out. Between rising water bills and droughts, it’s not just about the effort, but also about the money. Between rising utility bills, water scarcity, and sheer effort: it’s time to make summer watering easier by doing it smarter. From picking the right time of day to the type of installations that make water hands-free, here are some easy summer watering tips to keep your plants and lawn healthy and green throughout this season. [Read more…]

Tips for Storing Mulch, Topsoil, and Compost

Stockpiles of various kinds of mulch.When it comes to landscaping materials, it’s hard to have too much of a good thing. Whether you’re a contractor stockpiling supplies for multiple projects and storing it at a worksite until it’s needed, or a homeowner who ended up having significantly more than you bargained for: properly storing mulch, topsoil, and compost will allow you to reuse the material at a later time. This is important because leaving these material exposed to the elements can lead to damage or decay of the material, costing you money and requiring disposal of the useless supplies. [Read more…]

Choosing the Best Type of Mulch for Your Yard

Mulch is a great tool to beautify your yard or garden while simultaneously making it easier to maintain. [Read more…]