Swimming Pool Patio: Extending Your Outdoor Living Space

Swimming Pool With Waterfall and PatioA swimming pool isn’t a status symbol: it’s something homeowners use. It’s an extension of their living space from inside the home into their backyard: a place they use in activities. Especially during the peak temperatures of summer, a swimming pool is somewhere where family members and friends of all ages congregate to have fun. For some this will be swimming, but for others this will also be lounging, cooking, eating, or just getting their feet wet. By expanding this area around the pool, you can increase the enjoyment and use of your backyard and pool for yourself and the people with you. Today we look at swimming pool patio installations. [Read more…]

Getting Your Patio Ready for Winter

Beautiful Backyard Fire Pit and Seat WallFall and winter start the decline of a patio or deck from a cool place to hang with friends and family to a cold, desolate place coated in leaves and snow. However, there are several things you can do to make sure the patio is ready by spring, instead of being in a dismal state when the thaws finally come. Here are some tips to properly pack up and get your patio ready for winter, or even to make sure that the party never stops. [Read more…]

Tips for the Perfect Patio Design

Beautiful backyard patio and fire pitDreaming of the perfect outdoor living space can bring up a lot of stress if you don’t know what would work best for your house. With each different aspect of a patio comes 20 more questions that bring along more options than you could dream of. Options are great when you know exactly what you want. But when you do not have everything figured out things can get tricky. Sometimes you just have to take a step back and figure out a few simple things when starting your journey for that picture-perfect patio. It’s time to talk patio design. [Read more…]