Fall Landscaping: What to Do in Autumn

Fall Leaves With Rake.Fall has arrived and brought with it another season of landscaping. Fall landscaping is great for making your property look beautiful as well as preparing your yard for the winter ahead. Take advantage of this season and get the most out of your landscaping. [Read more…]

Balancing “Soft” and “Hard” Landscaping in Your Home

Lawn and patio at night.The landscaping of your home is the focal point of its exterior. A great graded and manicured lawn, a well-fitted walkway, seasonal plantings, and depth-creating retaining walls can all work to improve the appeal and value of your home. However, it’s important to make sure these two elements work together, the “soft” living elements and the “hard” construction and stone elements. Understanding and balancing soft and hard landscaping is the key to a great home and landscape design. [Read more…]

Swimming Pool Patio: Extending Your Outdoor Living Space

Swimming Pool With Waterfall and PatioA swimming pool isn’t a status symbol: it’s something homeowners use. It’s an extension of their living space from inside the home into their backyard: a place they use in activities. Especially during the peak temperatures of summer, a swimming pool is somewhere where family members and friends of all ages congregate to have fun. For some this will be swimming, but for others this will also be lounging, cooking, eating, or just getting their feet wet. By expanding this area around the pool, you can increase the enjoyment and use of your backyard and pool for yourself and the people with you. Today we look at swimming pool patio installations. [Read more…]

Tips for the Perfect Patio Design

Beautiful backyard patio and fire pitDreaming of the perfect outdoor living space can bring up a lot of stress if you don’t know what would work best for your house. With each different aspect of a patio comes 20 more questions that bring along more options than you could dream of. Options are great when you know exactly what you want. But when you do not have everything figured out things can get tricky. Sometimes you just have to take a step back and figure out a few simple things when starting your journey for that picture-perfect patio. It’s time to talk patio design. [Read more…]

Cleaning a Hardscape

Grey stone covered with dashes of green lichenSummer is a great time to begin patio and other hardscape maintenance. A hardscape includes anything from a walkway to a retaining wall. The warm weather leaves a comfortable working environment and is when most weeds and other similar pests are present. Those pests include lichen, moss, and vines. These invasive plants can wreak havoc in a backyard and cause a hardscape to change colors and crack. The most common types of materials used in hardscaping that will require cleaning include brick, concrete, and stone. Some form of cleaning or maintenance should be done yearly to increase or ensure a hardscape’s lifetime. [Read more…]

Landscape Architecture: Summer Hardscapes

Greener Horizon, Middleborough, MAThe warm weather is finally here, and if you are like many people, you are beginning to clean up your lawn. You may even be looking to make improvements to your property involving landscape architecture, including new walkways, patios, or walls. If this is something you’ve considered for your lawn, you are not alone! Hardscaping can make any yard or property look like a million dollars.   [Read more…]

How Building Retaining Walls Can Save Your Backyard

An example of a simple drystone retaining wall with base and filler.

An example of a simple drystone retaining wall with base and filler.

A natural occurrence can cause some serious damage to any landscape. Things like soil erosion, uneven landscape, and even lawn aesthetics can have people asking question on what they should do. One popular solution is building retaining walls in your yard, and this can solve several problems at once. Retaining walls are used to hold back excess soil in areas of extreme elevation change. Walls can also be used to create flowerbeds and add a more aesthetic finish to any yard. When looking to introduce a new retaining wall to a yard it is important to know the basics so that you are not left with an unsubstantial wall. [Read more…]

Backyard Landscape Ideas

Greener Horizon, Middleboro, MADid you just move into a new house and don’t know what to do with that yard out back? It’s hard to create backyard landscape ideas, as changing the space behind the house can be very daunting. Even generating small backyard ideas can be tough. Well, thankfully, here are some backyard ideas to make your lawn spectacular.

[Read more…]