Should You Pick a Pond or Pondless Water Feature?

Backyard landscaping with pondless water feature.When it comes to having the soothing sights and sounds of babbling brooks and waterfalls in your backyard, you’ve got options. Assuming you’re looking for something more natural and integrated into your landscape than a fountain installation (though fountains work especially well in hardscape design), you have two major options. The first is the traditional pond, usually fed by a waterfall or brook, which can host whole ecosystems of plants and animals like fish. The second is less well known but could prove a better fit depending on your circumstances: the pondless water feature or pondless waterfall. [Read more…]

What to Know Before Getting a Koi Pond Installed

Decorative koi pond in a garden.Koi ponds make a great water feature for any home, giving you a little slice of aquatic wildlife in your own backyard, alongside all the soothing sounds and sights of a great water feature. Not only does it give you a great reason to head outside more, but it also provides another source of tranquility after a stressful day. However, both the installation and care of your pond and its fish are a bigger responsibility then you might think – this blog will help you understand what to expect when it comes to dealing with your new outdoor pets and their home. [Read more…]

Constructing the Right Water Feature for Your Landscape

Backyard garden landscaping with waterfall and pond with hardscaping.When it comes to landscape features, a water feature can be one of the most arresting sights in landscape, but also the most difficult to install. Not only does it require many specialties to come together – landscaping, hardscaping, excavation, plumbing, electronics, and pumping – but its long-term success depends on many factors. This article will work as a starting point for a dialogue with a landscaper, narrowing down your ideal water feature and what obstacles you will have to overcome. [Read more…]

Managing Fish Ponds During Winter

Frozen Fish Pond In WinterHere at Greener Horizon, we have a history of landscaping beautiful water features, such as those that include live fish like as koi and goldfish. During the design phase, we get a lot of questions about making sure the fish are protected, especially from the cold New England winters. We’ve compiled a list of some tips for caring for your backyard pets during the heart of winter, especially making sure they survive when your fish ponds start to freeze. [Read more…]