Standing Out with Business Landscape Lighting

Solar lanterns lighting a path by a business.For many businesses in many parts of the country, at least some of your business’s hours will occur after the sun goes down or before it comes up. For many businesses, such as restaurants, retail outlets, and service companies, these hours in darkness can run much later. Either way, highlighting your business and your landscaping at night won’t only turn heads with curb appeal, it’ll also help contribute to the safety of your clients, employees, and the security of your business. Let’s look at using landscaping lighting as a tool of your business. [Read more…]

Home Lighting: Appeal and Security

Pool and garden night lightingSo, you just spent money to create the most spectacular landscape around your garden. But what happens at night when it gets dark and that work of art can no longer be appreciated? The best way to overcome this problem is through landscape lighting. Landscape lighting is not just for aesthetics, but helps your home be more secure as well without a high cost. [Read more…]