Why Landscape? Here are 7 Reasons

When you look at your front and back yard, do you see something that you like? Do you use your yard, or do you go elsewhere for your outdoor fun? Do you worry about pooling water, dead spots, or the state of your plants? Have you always wondered about how to make your home simultaneously more beautiful and safer? Here are seven reasons why you should look at getting your land landscaped:

  1. Keep Your Home Why Landscape? Greener Horizon LLC, Middleboro, MA

Soil erosion. Water damage. Landslides. If you have a steep lot or a boggy yard, landscaping can do more than just keep your yard nice: it can save your home. Retaining walls to keep soil from eroding can safeguard your house from having the foundation yanked out from under it. By controlling run-off you can prevent water pooling around the house and flooding the basement, and from drowning your lawn and garden.

  1. Someplace You Want to Go

You bought your property: you should use it. If your front lawn is just somewhere for the paper to land and the backyard is somewhere to let the dog out, you’re not really using your land to the fullest extent. Make your backyard a vacation destination; somewhere you want to go.

  1. Get Closer to Nature

Sometimes we want to just commune with nature, to screen out the hustle and bustle of our lives and enjoy the green life around us. A landscaped home can provide shelter from our busy lives and time to reflect and celebrate on what we hold dear… or somewhere peaceful to just take a nap.

  1. Put Your Land to Use

From sitting areas to outdoor dining to reflection ponds, make your yard a useful place. Just like another room in your house, you can make your lot have a purpose, or multiple purposes, and even give back to the home through the use of fruit-bearing plants such as trees and bushes.

  1. Conserve Natural Resources

Through proper planning and installation you can conserve the environment. Sprinklers and drip lines can water your plants without wasting water. Retaining walls and plants can save soil from erosion. By putting more plants into this world, you help offset the carbon footprint of yourself and your home.

  1. Curb Appeal

Like with any household improvement, you’re investing in the value of your property. If in the future if you decide to sell, or if you’re taking out a mortgage on the house, landscaping can help pay through itself by the value it adds to your home.

  1. Privacy and Security

One’s home is their castle: we all want to feel secure in our homes and yards. Through the use of landscaping you can improve your privacy through both plants and structures, and improve the security of your home through lighting and barriers.

Can you think of seven excuses why you shouldn’t get landscaping? If not, please contact Greener Horizon. We’ll talk to you about your options, and come out for a complimentary consolation of your property.